UAE's Journey through the World Brewers Cup Rankings: A Historic Perspective

  • by Barbara Croce
UAE's Journey through the World Brewers Cup Rankings: A Historic Perspective

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made remarkable strides in the world of coffee, particularly in the prestigious World Brewers Cup competition. This journey has seen UAE-based coffee professionals rise through the ranks, showcasing their dedication, skill, and passion for the art of brewing. Let's take a closer look at the historical rankings of UAE representatives in the World Brewers Cup.


2017 - Mark Anthiny Uy: World Rank 29

In 2017, the UAE caught the coffee world's attention as Mark Anthiny Uy secured the 29th spot in the World Brewers Cup. This achievement marked the UAE's initial foray into the international coffee scene and set the stage for the nation's growing influence in coffee competitions.

Mark had worked at Gold Box Roastery for many years and we know he has a real passion for coffee as he also won the UAE cup tasters twice whist at Gold Box Roastery.


2018 - Ibrahim H. Al Mallouhi: World Rank 30

The following year, Ibrahim H. Al Mallouhi continued the UAE's momentum by earning the 30th spot in the World Brewers Cup. This back-to-back recognition highlighted the UAE's consistent commitment to excellence in coffee craftsmanship, 


2019 - Lablibell Bajarias: World Rank 28

Lablibell Bajarias elevated the UAE's profile even further in 2019, securing the 28th position which was the highest to date for the UAE in the World Brewers Cup rankings. Bell was training and being coached with the Gold Box Roastery team so it was a real pleasure to see her ranking at the highest position. 


2021 - Mariam Erinpinza: World Rank 26

In 2021, Mariam Erinpinza's remarkable skills propelled her to the 26th rank on the global stage. This achievement reflected not only her dedication but also the UAE's evolving coffee culture, which was gaining recognition worldwide. 


2022 - David Disuanco: World Rank 7

A breakthrough moment arrived in 2022, as David Disuanco stormed into the top 10 with a remarkable world rank of 7. This achievement was a testament to the UAE's journey of continuous improvement and dedication to mastering the art of coffee brewing.


2023 - Ibrahim Hamza Al Mallouhi: World Rank 19

Continuing the upward trajectory, Ibrahim Hamza Al Mallouhi reaffirmed the UAE's commitment to excellence by securing the 19th spot in 2023. This ranking highlighted the nation's consistency and its ability to produce exceptional coffee professionals year after year.



2023 Luca Croce - Gold Box Roastery: World Rank 4

Although representing the United Kingdom it was truly a monumental milestone in 2023 with Luca Croce's Gold Box Roastery achieving the impressive world rank of 4th place. This marked a pinnacle moment for the UAE's coffee industry, showcasing its emergence as a global contender in the competitive world of coffee brewing.


Luca is part of the family that owns Gold Box Roastery, with branches in both Dubai and the UK. His dedicated training for the UK Brewers Cup took place in Dubai, where he honed his skills day in and day out. Notably, Luca holds the distinction of being the highest-ranking Brewer currently working in the UAE.

The achievement is not just Luca's alone, as the Gold Box Dubai team takes immense pride in having played a pivotal role in facilitating this remarkable performance. Their support and collaboration have undoubtedly contributed to Luca's outstanding journey in the world of brewing.


The UAE's history in the World Brewers Cup is a testament to the country's dedication to perfecting the art of coffee preparation. With each passing year, the UAE's representatives have consistently improved their skills, gained recognition, and elevated the nation's standing in the global coffee community. As the UAE continues to make its mark on the world stage, coffee enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate the future achievements of its talented professionals.


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